Three Run Single

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by Wes Williams

From a young age, I was taught to hit the cutoff man.  I remember being yelled at for not doing it in a Pony League game when I was 11 and that lesson stuck with me throughout my baseball career.

Not hitting the cutoff man led to a strange three run single in the Palm Springs Power game last night.

CJ Broussard of the Power came up early in the game with the bases loaded and two outs. Broussard singled to knock in two runners. However, the San Diego Waves outfielder did not hit the cutoff man in a futile attempt to throw the runner out at home. This led to the runner from first advancing to third when hitting the cutoff man would have probably trapped that runner and ended the inning.

Instead, the runner made it to third and the catcher threw to second causing Broussard to get into a pickle.  As Broussard avoided the first and second basemen, the runner from third broke for home. The first baseman threw home but the runner scored easily with Broussard taking second on the throw.

Broussard ended up with a three RBI single instead of a two RBI single and the Waves being out of the inning.

The lesson is simple, hit the cutoff man.




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