Minor League Football Team hopes to Tackle Lofty Goals

by Wes Williams

PregamePrayerEvery major sports league in the United States has a minor league system.

Major League Baseball teams have hundreds of players from rookie ball to triple-A ready to fill the shoes of any injured player in the show. The National Basketball Association started the D-League in order to serve the same purpose.

Yet the most violent sport league with the most injuries does not have a minor league system and attempts to build a minor league system have all failed.

The Southern California Football League (SCFL) hopes to change that by giving former college, CFL, AFL, and NFL players a chance to continue to play the game they love as they fight for another shot to become a professional football player.

RB towards meLast night in Indio, the four time champion SoCal Coyotes opened their season with a group of players from Arizona State, UTEP, NC State, Florida State,and Hawaii as well as the Colorado Crush and Portland Steel and of the AFL.

Running the high scoring “run n shoot” offense, the Coyotes put on an incredible offensive show for the fans as they beat the Central Coast Seminoles 96-0.

Quarterback Jacob Russell, who was close to getting drafted by the CFL and AFL after putting up 3,676 yards and 42 touchdowns at Campbellsville University, led the way for the Coyotes.

Former Cortland State standout running back Dylan Peebles was also impressive scoring the first touchdown of the game.

But the league is so much more than just football.

According to the SoCal Coyotes website, the team is a sports leadership organization focused on reshaping lives, teaching the virtues of being a positive father figure, and preparing its players for success in future careers through faith and community service.

Business leaders in the Indio area see enough potential in the league that they are thinking about building a stadium for the team and franchising the team model to potential business leaders nationwide.

While XFL and USFL teams failed as for profit businesses, the Coyotes are hoping their non profit business model gives professional football a true minor league while preparing young men to be successful within their families and within their communities .

Hopefully the Coyotes will tackle all of these lofty goals.

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