Happy 100th Birthday Chick Hearn

4774358913_8528f92a94_bBy Wes Williams

Former #Lakers announcer Chick Hearn would have been 100 today. Late in any basketball game when a team goes up 8-10 in the final few minutes, I think “This game’s in the refrigerator: the door is closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard, and the Jell-O’s jigglin’!”

Radio broadcasts of basketball aren’t the same without Chick. He painted a picture of the Lakers games so beautifully with his distinctive voice.

Listeners in Los Angeles were blessed with the two greatest play by play broadcasters of all time in Chick Hearn for the Lakers and Vin Scully with the #Dodgers

On behalf of Lakers fans everywhere, happy 100th birthday Chick Hearn.

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Other Winners from Game 7

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After the World Series, I thought about a few things beyond the historic win for the Cubs and the heart break the Indians must be feeling.

554px-chicago_cubs_cap_insignia-svg1. From a business point of view, Fox scored a huge victory with a 25.2 rating.
2. Major League Baseball can use that 25.2 rating when they negotiate a new television deal.

3. Youth baseball scored a victory because many young fans were created last night with all of the twists and turns. How many kids now want to be Anthony Rizzo, Chris Bryant, Ben Zobrist, or one of the other players?

Highlights from Palm Springs Baseball Tryouts

As the dreams of baseball players are being realized in the World Series, 75 players flocked to Palm Springs to try and continue their dreams of a professional baseball career.

Palm Springs Power Manager Casey Dill and the Southern Illinois Miners put together the event consisting of players from 17-34 years old.

Scouts from the major, minor, and international leagues evaluated the players as they went through drills at historic Palm Springs Stadium.

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