Indiana v Cal Softball Highlights

Click here to see highlights of the Indiana Hoosiers vs Cal Golden Bears softball game from the Judy Garman Classic.

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Make Baseball Fun Again

Baseball fans were treated to an October playoff game in March as the Dominican Republic came back from five runs down in sixth inning to beat the United States seven to five in the World Baseball Classic.

Besides the classic comeback, there was something else I noticed that made the game even more special. It was the passion of the Dominican Republic fans before, during, and after the game.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports expressed this an article last night,  “(the passion) was evident Saturday night, when the largest crowd ever to see a baseball game at Marlins Park came equipped with hundreds of literal Banderas Dominicanas and drums and horns and whistles and the spirit of a tiny, poor, proud island nation ready to topple the one that created the game.”

All sorts of rules are being considered to speed up baseball games to appeal to younger fans.  Runners placed on second in extra innings, fewer pitching changes, and other rules would speed up a game, but maybe Major League Baseball should think in a different direction.

Imagine coming to Dodger Stadium with horns, drums, and whistles. cropped-dodgerstadiumbanner.jpg

Imagine celebrations of homers like Manny Machado, Nelson Cruz, and Starling Marte’s where the entire bench welcomed them at home plate.

Now imagine security taking away the horns, drums, and whistles upon entering the stadium since they would ruin the experience of other fans. Imagine MLB pitchers beaning the next batter for a home run celebration for showing them up, an unwritten rule of the game.

Baseball needs more bat flips from Jose Bautista and Yasiel Puig. Baseball needs more fans breaking into loud songs in unison.

Baseball is fun already for true fans, but it could try to be even more fun for future fans.

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A Pac 12 Softball Team Will Win WCWS

I’ve had a chance to call a few #UCLA, #Washington, #California, and #ArizonaState softball games and I truly believe a #Pac12 team will win the Women’s College World Series this year.

Any team that wins enough battles to win the war that is Pac 12 league play will be battle tested enough to roll teams from the Big 12, SEC, and the Big Ten.

In my opinion, the team left standing after the brutal conference schedule should be in the Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma City June 1-7.

Battles begin next weekend with each of the top Pac 12 teams facing tough tests.

ucla-softball_0006#4 Oregon is the highest ranked team in the conference and undefeated. They will face the speedy #23 Cal Golden Bears next week providing their toughest competition yet.

#8 Washington beat #2 Auburn in their first game of the season and went 4-1 in the Mary Nutter Classic. They open up league play with #21 Arizona State at home next week.

#20 Utah and #10 UCLA will face off in Los Angeles starting on Friday.

#5 Arizona will have to travel to Corvallis to take on a tough Oregon State team trying to break into the list of elite teams in the conference.

1 Florida State (17) 778 17-1-1 1
2 Auburn (2) 742 19-2 2
3 Florida (7) 722 20-1 3
4 Oregon (2) 707 19-0 4
5 Arizona 645 18-1 6
6 Texas A&M (2) 630 19-1 5
7 Minnesota (2) 610 18-0 10
8 Washington 553 15-3 8
9 Oklahoma 548 15-4 9
10 UCLA 59 16-5 7
11 Alabama 486 19-2 11
12 LSU 420 18-4 13
13 James Madison 412 16-3 12
14 Tennessee 368 18-2 15
15 Baylor 351 18-4 22
16 Georgia 341 19-3 16
17 Michigan 311 12-6-1 14
18 Louisiana 273 17-4 18
19 Kentucky 218 13-4 19
20 Utah 187 13-4 17
21 Arizona State 150 15-5 20
22 Ole Miss 115 17-2 25
23 California 99 15-3 23
24 Missouri 51 10-8 24
25 BYU

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